Marathon our Award Winning FanFilms from 2015-2018:

Marathon our Award Winning FanFilms from 2015-2018:

Winners of FanFilm Awards 2019

It's been an amazing year, with wonderful FanFilms and Scripts submitted to this year's Award Ceremony. Many of us in Azure Lorica would like to thank you for participating in our 2019 event, and invite you for 2020.

Below are our honored winners:

Star Wars - The Toys Awaken

One Day I'll Become

Steven Lawson - Westin Hills 1&2

LindtSchmidt - Scoundrels

ScottPatey - Lightsaber MakerB

Scooby-Doo- Age of Aquarius

Winners get a trophy to take home, and a one year marketing service from Azure Lorica. Please contact us if you'd like your trophy to be shipped. We are available on social media (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram) and via email on

Finalists of FanFilm Awards 2019

It is our honor to announce the Finalists of FanFilm Awards 2019! The members of Azure Lorica have made their decision, and in reaching the finals, our fanfilms and fanfictions of 2019 are as follows:

  1. Best Film
  2. The Toys Awaken
  3. Lightsaber Maker
  4. Regrets of the Past

  5. Best Director
  6. The Toys Awaken - Raymond Montemayor
  7. Regrets of the Past - Bernhard Weber
  8. Westin Hills - Steven Lawson

  9. Best Actor
  10. The Witcher - Alessio Fracchia
  11. The Dark Resurgence - Christopher Louie Szabo
  12. Lightsaber Maker - Scott Patey

  13. Best Actress
  14. The Dark Resurgence - Kayla Sweet
  15. Regrets of the Past - Sophia Grabner
  16. Scoundrels - Lynde Schmidt

  17. Best Cinematography
  18. Scoundrels
  19. Regrets of the Past
  20. One Day I'll Become

  21. Best Script
  22. Jonny Quest: The Terror of Dr. Zin
  23. Superman: Destiny
  24. Living In Crime Alley
  25. Scooby-Doo: Age of Aquarius
  26. Interview with the Batman
Congratulations to all our Finalists! And break a leg on becoming our winning FanFilms!

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As a reminder, all selected fanfilms will still be screened at the Donald R. Wright Auditorium, on February 2nd. Please join us for the show, and Q&A: SEE PROGRAM