Marathon our Award Winning FanFilms from 2015-2018:

Premiering: Fan Panels

It's been a long time since we've opened our doors to the public, and allowed the fans to join our cause. But this year it's different, this year is special, because this year we have Fan Panels!

Join us for 2019's FanFilm Awards, as we screen and read fanfiction at the Pasadena Central Library. And thanks to the Library, we're able to use not just one, but two rooms for the whole day. And to offer the brilliant opportunity that Pasadena has offered Azure Lorica, we welcome you, the fans, to the Teen Center, located at the 4th floor, within the panel room: 4th Floor Studio. There, we will have two big screens for your convenience, and tables and chairs, setup as you need. The only thing we request is that you attend 15 minutes early, so any setup can be arranged, prior to your presentation.

This panel room is made for FanFilm Awards' Antibullying campaign, and we need you to help us curate this wonderful public program, and give the community activities to participate in Azure Lorica's one day event.

Program: FanFilm Awards 2019

In this year's FanFilm Awards, we will be hosting the entire event at the Pasadena Central Library: 1st and 4th floor. Screenings, readings, and the award ceremony are free - please reserve now, seating is limited. For information for locations for each theater, please ask Library Staff at the Lobby floor.

Donald R. Wright Auditorium - 1st Floor Lobby:
The Lightsaber Maker 10:00AM
Stormfront pt2 10:15AM
One day I'll become... 10:30AM
Regrets of the Past 11:30AM
The Dark Resurgence: A Star Wars Story 11:45AM
Vengeance in the Outer Rim 12:00PM
Kill the Poolboy 12:15PM
Supermen: World War 12:30PM
The Forgotten Tale: The Witcher fanfilm 01:30PM
Joker's Vacation 01:45PM
Scoundrels: A Star Wars Story 02:00PM
Westin Hills:part 1 02:15PM
Westin Hills:part 2 02:30PM
Star Wars: The Toys Awaken 02:45PM
Jonny Quest: The Terror of Dr. Zin 03:00PM
Superman: Destiny 03:15PM
Living In Crime Alley 03:30PM
Scooby-Doo: Age of Aquarius 03:45PM
Interview with the Batman 04:00PM
Award Ceremony 04:15PM
Closing by Chairman  05:00PM

4th Floor Studio - Teen Center:
Live Program -TBA10:00am
Live Program -TBA11:00am
Live Program -TBA12:00pm
How to make a FanFilm
by Raymond Montemayor
Live Program -TBA02:00pm
Live Program -TBA03:00pm
Live Program -TBA04:00pm

Selected Nominees: FanFilm Awards 2019

Voting season is here! FanFilm Awards has been awaiting its list for 2019, and the Selected Nominees have been chosen. Now, their fate is in your hands, for the Semifinals! Below are the Nominees, and the links to their voting pages. Please take the time to scroll through the selections, and give these amazing fanfilms the fan's treatment. And remember, your choice in category and the popularity of their fan's vote will make all the difference.


(click on each title below)


The following are the Selected Nominees for the category of Best Script. Scripts are chosen by our judges, in an online festival. Please subscribe for updates:
  1. Jonny Quest: The Terror of Dr. Zin
  2. Superman: Destiny  
  3. Living in Crime Alley 
  4. Scooby-Doo: Age of Aquarius 
  5. Interview with the Batman
All nominated scripts will have 10 pages read at the FanFilm Awards, before a live audience.

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