Join us for a morning of live reading of You’re On Tumblr, Charlie Brown, by Bryan Balazar! This beautiful fanfiction brings the classic characters to a new imagining for the new generation – more than just a Tumblr/Milennial generation, but an updated voice to the same problems we all knew best: adult problems, with good clean humor…a challenge we obviously have missed, for far too long.
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This year, we have the honor of returning Stars, as well as newcomers! The show is FREE, and tea will be served inside the Donald R. Wright Auditorium. Please RSVP today for:
You’re On Tumblr, Charlie Brown | by Bryan Balazar
Oct. 6th | Saturday | 9:30am-11:30pm
Donald R. Wright Auditorium | Pasadena Central Library
285 E. Walnut St. | Pasadena, CA | 91101


Paul Carpenter as Narrator
Nick D’Alberto as Charlie Brown
Anna Dawahare as Lucy
Jessica Wingenbach as Peppermint Patty
Joshua Johnson as Linus

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