Our Antibullying Cause

FanFilm Awards has been a service to filmmakers and scriptwriters since 2014, and still growing. It was originally, a panel at Ninja-Con, and now an independent international film festival in Pasadena. For the longest time, Azure Lorica has been needing to return another panel from Ninja-Con -- Nerd Civil War -- and this year, FanFilm Awards has reopened that amazing opportunity for celebrities, artists, and community members to return to discuss what mattered most.

Antibullying has been a nuisance since the beginning of the millennium. The internet had boomed, and business for social media sprang like wildfire. Teens were chatting, College students were gaming, and just when you thought the fun couldn't stop, the internet Troll was born. Now, whether they meant well, or not, these Trolls began stalking people, harassing them, and sometimes to the point of suicide. Parents weren't pleased, society had no answer, and it was left to charities to take matters into their own hands. Hence, Azure Lorica created Nerd Civil War.

In most cases, a panel can return as a it's formal setup, to continue in its former glory, but this year, it's different. This 2019, FanFilm Awards will be the antibullying campaign. We've brought the entertainment, we have the audience, now we invite the programs to come and join us for one festive day to represent themselves, and stop the bullying.

Register for a panel today, and be the advocate our community needs:

FanFilm Awards | Feb. 2, 2019 | 10am-5pm | Free Admission | ffa.azurelorica.org
Pasadena Central Library | 285 E. Walnut St. | Pasadena, CA | 91101