Program: FanFilm Awards 2019

In this year's FanFilm Awards, we will be hosting the entire event at the Pasadena Central Library: 1st and 4th floor. Screenings, readings, and the award ceremony are free - please reserve now, seating is limited. For information for locations for each theater, please ask Library Staff at the Lobby floor.

(Script reading session is in blue):

Donald R. Wright Auditorium - 1st Floor Lobby:
The Lightsaber Maker 10:00AM
Stormfront pt2 10:15AM
One day I'll become... 10:30AM
Regrets of the Past 11:30AM
The Dark Resurgence: A Star Wars Story 11:45AM
Vengeance in the Outer Rim 12:00PM
Kill the Poolboy 12:15PM
Supermen: World War 12:30PM
The Forgotten Tale: The Witcher fanfilm 01:30PM
Joker's Vacation 01:45PM
Scoundrels: A Star Wars Story 02:00PM
Westin Hills:part 1 02:15PM
Westin Hills:part 2 02:30PM
Star Wars: The Toys Awaken 02:45PM
Jonny Quest: The Terror of Dr. Zin 03:00PM
Superman: Destiny 03:15PM
Living In Crime Alley 03:30PM
Scooby-Doo: Age of Aquarius 03:45PM
Interview with the Batman 04:00PM
Award Ceremony 04:15PM
Closing by Chairman  05:00PM

4th Floor Studio - Teen Center:
Photo Session10:00AM
Tea Spectral - Teatime Social11:00AM
How to make a FanFilm12:00PM
by Raymond Montemayor
Invest in Your Awesomeness - Anti Bullying Panel02:00PM
The Elevation Society03:00PM
Photo Session04:00PM