Semifinalists of FanFilm Awards 2019

It is our pleasure to announce the Semifinalists of FanFilm Awards 2019! This year's festival is special, as the following were selected by popular demand. Azure Lorica had openned voting season over a month ago, and are today fulfilling the promise of the Fan's voted favorites, as follows:

  1. Westin Hills: part 1&2
  2. The Forgotten Tale - The Witcher FanFilm
  3. The Lightsaber Maker
  4. Scoundrels: A Star Wars Story
  5. One Day I'll Become...
  6. The Dark Resurgence: A Star Wars Story
  7. Star Wars: The Toys Awaken
  8. Regrets of the Past
Congratulations to all our Semifinalists! You'll be continuing for a chance to the finals.

The vote now returns to Azure Lorica's members to vote for the Finalists, and, soon after, the Fans will have their chance again, to vote for the winning fanfilms. Please subscribe now for updates. Finalists will be announced by January 1st.

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As a reminder, all selected fanfilms will still be screened at the Donald R. Wright Auditorium, on February 2nd. Please join us for the show, and Q&A: SEE PROGRAM