Welcome to FanFilm Awards 2020

Azure Lorica's most awaited film festival is returning with a big surprise. 2020 is not only FanFilm Award's 5th Anniversary, but Azure Lorica's 10 Year Anniversary! To celebrate, we are returning to the Pasadena Central Library, with two theaters for screenings and live program, and hosting a dinner party at the Award Ceremony - hosted by YouTube sensation, Miss Mary Lu.

We welcome you to enjoy our screenings, live programs, photo session, and Dinner at the Award Ceremony. Read the program below:


09:30am - Doors Open
10:00am - Showtime

Jurassic Park - Life Finds A Way (35min)

Notzilla (80min)

No Easy Target (17min)

Bucketheads - A Star Wars Story (14min)

Lion's Return (10min)

Endgame (7min)

Odyssey: A Star Wars Story (12min)

The Lost Boys: The New Breed (8min)

Better Uses for the Infinity Gauntlet: A Super Satire (5min)

Growing Shadows: The Poison Ivy fan film (10min)

New New Girl (5min)

Legacy of Snakes (27min)

The Last of Us (4min)

Project Cadmus (20min)

Gotham Sirens: Girls Night (9min)

Batman: Terror of Arkham (58min)

Vault45: A Fallout Fanfilm (16min)

Afro Samurai Champloo (30min)

Scream Returns- Fan Film (45min)

05:00pm - Curtain
05:30pm - Doors Close


09:00am - Doors Open
10:00am - Social Hour

(Schedule Pending)

02:00pm - Showtime

Virtual Vendetta (52min)

Light/Less (5min)

Sweet Thing - A Samurai Jack Story (24min)

Star Wars Mantle of the Force (42min)

Legacy X (5min)

Squad Leader TD-73028 Soliloquy (8min)

Star Wars: Dresca (7min)

Pokémon: The Resurgence (37min)

05:00pm - Curtain

06:00pm - Doors Close

For those new to the event, please follow our social media accounts (@azure.lorica), for all your FanFilm Awards news.