Welcome to FanFilm Awards 2021!


On the month of February 2021, Azure Lorica's FanFilm Awards made a brilliant connection with its filmmakers on Zoom, and the Q&A Panels have made it to an impressive 100% attendance from our list of Nominees. Due to this amazing technology, we will be proceeding with this method for our 5th Anniversary Special, this August 20th, 2021. 

Our filmmakers are international entrants. From Korea to Italy, Australia to Brazil, and many more, FanFilm Awards have been humbled by astonishing filmmakers, serving their work on a silver plate of fandom. We honor these talents as filmmakers, and award the winners with a wooden medieval long sword - LARP appropriate, prior to foam attachements. (It is built to last. Please use with caution.).

We invite both attendees and Nominated filmmakers to this annual event, online. While on Zoom, we urge everyone participating in the Q&A Panels and Award Ceremony to test their microphone of choice, or be ready to use their phone for audio conference.

We've announced on our social media accounts the details of FanFilm Awards' schedule. The Q&A Panels, Script Readings, and Award Ceremony are all FanFilm Awards programs, but the event hosting FanFilm Awards is under the Azure Lorica Summer Gala. Spread throughout August 20-22, 2021, the morning and evening schedules are broken up between two programs, which are FanFilm Awards and Book Dragons Fete. 


FanFilm Awards has over 80% of the schedule, and we urge everyone to plan out their attendance, as our schedule stretches between 10am-4pm and 8pm-2am, Pacific Standard Time (USA). This, of course, is aimed to welcome our international filmmakers to expect late and early hours in their screenings and panels.

Someday, we hope to being back FanFilm Awards as a live event, but with how international borders are managed with the pandemic still continuing in many countries, we wish to stay respectful, and continue online.


FanFilm Awards | via Zoom
Aug. 20-22, 2021 | 10am-4pm | FREE
Aug. 20-22, 2021 | 8pm-2am | $20/seat

Trophies will be mailed to our winners, and their film will be promoted for 1 year by Azure Lorica. 

Please contact us, if you have any questions: info @ azurelorica.org