Nominations for 2016

Winners in Bold

12-poster_El Bosque Negro.jpgBest Film

  • Aquaman: The Cast of the Angler [USA]
  • El Bosque Negro (The Black Forest) [Spain]
  • Horla [France]

FFI-TeaserPoster1-8x11.jpgBest Animation

  • Star Wars: A Toy Story [USA]
  • Force-Full Imagination [USA]
  • The Detectives of Noir Town [AUSTRALIA]
  • The Cold Heart [Germany]

Best Cinematography

  • Force-Full Imagination [USA]
  • Horla [France]
  • El Bosque Negro (The Black Forest) [Spain]
  • Knight Rider: Game of Pretend [USA]

Best Director

  • Andrew Chambers for The Detectives of Noir Town
  • Selim Atmane for Moustache from the Moon
  • Trent Duncan for Jason vs Michael

6-poster_Elemental (mi querido Watson).jpgBest Actress

  • Michelle Eimmerman for Force-Full Imagination
  • Mannette Antill for The Shadow
  • Megan Stela for Moustache from the Moon

Best Actor

  • Tristan Pellisier Tenot as Henri (Horla)
  • Adam Purti as John H. Watson (Elemental (mi querido Watson))
  • Tye Nelson as Darth Caedus (Star Wars Legends: Legacy of the Force)

2-frame3_STAR WARS LEGENDS- Legacy of the Force (1) Best Fan Representation

  • Force-Full Imagination
  • Knight Rider: Game of Pretend
  • Star Wars: A Toy Story
  • Final Fantasy: Seek Revenge

Best Screenplay (film)

  • Javier Serrano for Elemental [Spain]
  • Chuck Steinmann for The Shadow [USA]
  • Jeff Klein & Thomas Farr for Aquaman in the Cast of the Angler [USA]

Best Script (non-film)

  • American Horror Story: Unto Us A Child Is Born [USA]
  • Crow Prophecy [USA]
  • Star Wars: Scum and Villainy [USA]
  • Star Wars: The Redemption of Skywalker [USA]
  • South Park: The Melentock Pickle [USA]
  • What Is Crime Without Crime Alley [USA]