Nominations for 2018

Winners in Bold

Deadpool_The_Musical_1200_wideBest Film

  • Litter-ally A Saw Parody
  • Black Sand - A Sandman Story
  • The Cold Dance
  • Deadpool The Musical

bfef4b73d6-posterBest Animation

  • Prop Wars :Prop Harder
  • Droids a Star Wars story
  • Star Wars -Dark Legacy
  • Man- At- Arms


Best Cinematography

  • Deadpool The Musical
  • Star Wars - Dark Legacy
  • Max Payne Retribution - Fan Film
  • A Batman's Tale: In the psychosis of  the Ventriloquist

Head_2_Text_FaceBest Choreography

  • The Force and the Fury
  • Harley
  • Black Lightning: Tobias Revenge
  • Stealth & Silence: DC Comic Fan Film


Best Director

  • David Strano for The Cold Dance
  • Kacey Baker for Superman Meets Batman
  • Elvis DelBagno for A Batman's Tale: In the psychosis of the Ventriloquist
  • Anthony Pietromonaco for Star Wars - Dark Legacy

8c3b6abbe4-posterBest Actress

  • Allison Powell in Black Widow: Origins
  • Ashley Van Egeren in The Cold Dance
  • Jaqui Verdura in Harley
  • Deborah Smith in The Force and the Fury

Poaster_ForceAnd_Fury_resizedBest Actor

  • Phil Biedron in Litter- ally A Saw Parody
  • Sid Phoenix in Black Sand- A Sandman Story
  • Troy Honeysett in Superman Meets Batman
  • Aris Juson in The Force and the Fury

POSTER_jpegBest Soundtrack

  • Paul Bianchi for Deadpool The Musical
  • James O'Connell for Black Sand- A Sandman Story
  • Ross Bugden for The Cold Dance
  • Ronald Mair-Gruber for Survivors: A Star Trek Fan Production

380c48561b-posterBest Costume

  • Deadpool The Musical
  • The Force and The Fury
  • Black Lightning: Tobias Revenge
  • Fallout: Wasteland Survival Guide

Best Fan Representation

  • Survivors: A Star Trek Fan Production
  • ZERO, LA SERIE - "Isolated Citizens"
  • Fallout: Wasteland Survival Guide
  • Stranger Things: The Story of Henry and Dale

Best Screenplay (film)

  • Litter-ally A Saw Parody by Beau McCombs
  • The Cold Dance by David Strano
  • Superman Meets Batman by Kasey Baker
  • Black Sand- A Sandman Story  by Bernhard Pucher

Best Script (non-film)

  • Star Wars VIII- The Last Jedi by Timothy Brummett
  • Suicide Squad: Hell Cometh by Jessi Thind
  • Spinach Run by Neil Chase
  • You're on Tumblr, Charlie Brown. by Brian Balazar