Nominations for 2020

Winners in Bold

Best Film

  1. Legacy X
  2. Two Professors
  3. Mantle of the Force
  4. Growing Shadows
  5. Pokemon: The Resurgence

  6. New New Girl
  7. Living In Crime Alley
  8. The Other Mother

Best Cinematography

  1. Will Price for Growing Shadows
  2. Ross Wilson for Living In Crime Alley

  3. Debbie Yoo for Indiana Jones
  4. Louis Kanidiadis for The Other Mother
  5. Ho/Smoyak for Legacy of Snakes
  6. David Sachs for New New Girl
  7. Matthew Scott for Pokemon: Resurgence
  8. Lau/Nelson for Mantle of the Force

Best Animation

  1. Lion's Return

  2. Shadow of the Bat
  3. Jurassic Park - Life Finds A Way
  4. Sweet Thing - A Samurai Jack FanFilm
  5. Notzilla
  6. Star Wars Dresca
  7. New New Girl
  8. Legacy of Snakes

Best Director

  1. Sophie Black for Growing Shadows
  2. Rob Ayling for Living In Crime Alley
  3. Joseph A Le for Afro Samurai Champloo

  4. Michael Daniels for Mantle of the Force
  5. Anne Faye for The Other Mother
  6. Nick Sapwell for Virual Vendetta
  7. Brown/Manning for Pokemon: Resurgence
  8. Diogo Hausen for New New Girl

Best Actress

  1. Dawn Ursula for Project Cadmus

  2. Aislinn De'ath for Growing Shadows
  3. Gabriella Marden for Indiana Jones
  4. Geena Lovato for New New Girl
  5. Brittany Olinkewicz for Legacy of Snakes
  6. Emma Burnside for Pokemon: The Resurgence
  7. Bex Jones for Batman Terror of Arkham
  8. Oceane Weyer for Legacy X

Best Actor

  1. Vincent Jerome for Living In Crime Alley
  2. Robin Brown for Pokemon: The Resurgence
  3. Hazel/Hausen/Woodley/Wilson for New New Girl

  4. Conner McKenzy for Virtual Vendetta
  5. Larry Burkovey for Vault 45 - A Fallout FanFilm
  6. Glickman/Fordy/Dobson for Batman: Terror of Arkham
  7. Chris Weyer for Legacy X
  8. Jamie Costa for Kenobi