Support Antibullying

Be an advocate at FanFilm Awards - Azure Lorica's Antibullying Campaign! Reserve a Live Panel with us, and present your advocacy with a lecture, discussion, or other.

To register, please contact us with a clear description of your panel:

Eugene Cordell, Chairman


  1. January 5, 2019

  1. Only approved presentations will be allowed to present at Live Panel

  2. Presentation must be teen friendly

  3. You may use the library's 2 large screen monitors for your presentation

  4. If using the monitors, then please bring your own laptop that connects via HDMI

  5. You will respect our Live Panel Coordinator, present at location

  6. You have 45 minutes to setup, present, and pack up

  7. You must be 15 minutes early to your presentation

  8. Sign in once you're available for your presentation

  9. All Presenters that are not available prior to their appointed schedule will have forfeited their presentation, as "cancelled"

Please be advised that all Live Panels submitted are subject for approval. We will contact you, when your panel has been approved or not, and will post approved panels in our program.